Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't Touch This

Okay so I'm a Ben Roethlisberger fan i like they guy, BUT he cant keep his hands to his self. If you don't know he was accused of sexually assaulting as women at a bar. Okay some of the groupies lie just to get a check, But this is the SECOND TIME!! C'mon son you got to do better then that Big Ben. Your picking the wrong girls just ask Tiger Woods he boned like 15 women before anybody said anything. Now This is were he messed up, the charges were dismissed but it still violates the conduct policy of the NFL. The guy hasn't been suspended yet now I'm not saying Lynch him like they did so many of our African American NFL players but Tank Johnson,Pacman Jones got some stiff (pause) Penalties with out being convicted. These players got suspended and cut from the team quick. So being at a strip club shoot out is kinda of a big deal but sexual assault is neck and neck But there taking Forever to punish this guy not to mention when the story first came out you had to actually read to know the details. But when Kobe was accused you would of thought you Tivo'd the OJ Simpson trial. C'mon son, White media you know damn well nobody reads any more. Look out For part two of this blog

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