Monday, April 19, 2010

Dipset Reunion??

Wow jimmy finally put his pride aside and talked to cam. I cant say i blame him because i probably would of took a while too. I guess were stubborn like that, but he did apologize and admitted he was selfish. This is what the city needs right now i cant even lie, the Diplomats presence was so big back in the early part of the decade and its about time. There was nothing like the powerful beats that made you bop and sped up soul samples that blast out of apartments and car windows in the middle of the summer while the fire hydrant was on. Now while Hot 97 Miss info who they called and broke the story didn't say anything about music being made, it is a step. I mean, come on both of there careers didn't pop since the split even though Jim Jone's pray iv reign was a hot album and cam'rons and Vado's Boss of all Bosses are on point. This is good news for the other lost members lost in the matrix because they made good music too. So add Hell rell, 40 cal, Santana,J.R and jimmy's byrd gang in the pot and its gonna be a problem for everybody else the city needs this ASAP!

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