Monday, July 19, 2010

MY Top 10 Greatest Songs Ever!

So I'm on twitter (@PilotP) and there is this Sweet and Sarcastic girl named Resse with an amazing blog ( i challenged her to make a 10 greatest songs ever list and she not only made 10 but she loves music so much she added another 10 lol. I got 10 but the catch is my list could change any time. I'm a mix breed because I'm young with a old soul so i got some recent songs too. So in no specific order Here it goes.

1. Michael Jackson- Human Nature
2. Joe Budden- All Of me
3. Jada Kiss & Styles P- We gonna Make it
4. Ron Isley- Living FOr Your Love
5. Bob Marley- No Woman No Cry
6. Geto Boys- Mind Playin Tricks on Me
7. R.Kelly- Half On A Baby
8. The Notorious BIG- Juicy
9. Earth Wind And Fire- Would You Mind
10.2Pac- Dear Mama

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Music: Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z “Free Mason” (CDQ)

New Music: Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z “Free Mason” (CDQ)

Rick Ross is slowly moving into my top 5 MCs, i don't care if he is a C.O or a fraud his word play is superb and he holds his own on this track with Jay z. Hova also attempts to clear up the Illuminati and free Mason rumors that took over the Internet. Does this help the conspiracy theorists get off his back? i doubt it but he sounds like hes fed up with it all so if it was a publicity stunt then it backfired. Anyway the song is great and Ross album Teflon Don is looking CLASSIC.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


No not the MTV show about skate boarders busting there heads till the white meat show (pause) but hurt people not trusting anymore. I admit I'm one of those people. I got issues. But i admit it. I don't hate women nor am i on the hunt to hurt every girl i meet, even tho hurt people hurt people that's just not my thing. Its just a bad cycle where girls don't trust guys and guys don't trust girls so they don't trust no one or keep somebody on the side to protect themselves and its all fucked up. One of my friends said she wants me to be happy in a committed relationship.........i am happy where I'm at. The old me would of rushed into something and forced a relationship but I'm 22 i get my own money I'm just living. Now if the right person comes along i think I'm going to tell because you meet so many wrongs i think when Mrs right comes your gonna know until then I'm sipping champagne slowly instead of busting down a shot.