Monday, May 31, 2010

My Therapy...Drake - Light Up

I was looking for a song to wrap up all my feelings in a couple words because i havent been feeling like myself lately and then light up got leaked. I was trying my hardest not to listen to anymore songs off of Thank Me Later but once i hear a beat thats it. The song really touched my soul and i have not stop rocking out to it. This album is alreay having a impact on my everyday life and it hasnt even droped yet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rick = Great MC

Since Rick Ross has been exposed as being a Corrections officer people have been looking at that instead of the music. Overall Rick Ross is a GREAT MC. I hardly use that word because there are not too many MCs in Hip Hop anymore but Ross is one of a kind. The way he put words together is unmatchable. Beat selection wise he picks beats that compliment his whole persona. He makes ballroom/Night club/ Grown and sexy music to the point it feels like your in a air conditioned Maybach driving around miami yourself. People don't see that though, all they see is a cop. Now unless you know him personally and he lied to you i don't think you should care what his past was, Newsflash most rappers lie or exaggerate at some point and if you think your favorite rapper still flipping ki's like there saying in there raps then your du-rag is to tight. My point is worry about the music because if u actually listen of course he isn't raw like biggie (that's for another post) but you will hear gems like "Vacation to Haiti/ It nearly broke my heart/ Seein kids starve/I thought about my Audemar/ Sellin dope ain't right/I put it in my life/Chickens put me in position to donate the rice". Enough said.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank Me Later: Classic In The Making

So far what i have herd off of Drake's Debut album Thank Me Later sounds on point. I love music to death so i can feel good music and this FEELS like a classic. I just listened to The track called "Miss Me" feat Lil Wayne and a Freestyle called "9AM in Dallas" and both are a good feel. I think drake will probably do 400K to Gold his first week. Now to me numbers don't matter anymore but all the so called drake fans both pre and post Best i ever had need to support because he is making good ride out grown and sexy black tuxedo music. Here is the latest track listing.

1. Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys)
2. Karaoke
3. The Resistance
4. Over
5. Show Me A Good Time
6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)
7. Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
8. Shut It Down (feat. The Dream)
9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy)
10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z)
11. Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
12. Cece’s Interlude
13. Find Your Love
14. Thank Me Now

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come Home King James

Free agency is approaching and Lebron James is the #1 free agent that every team wants. And why wouldn't they? he is arguably the top player in the world averaging close to a triple double every game. King James has a number of options starting with the Chicago Bulls where he can be paired with some established players and rising superstar Derrick Rose, The New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and the New York Knicks who have enough money to get him and another superstar to help the king get a ring. Or he can stay in his hometown and get a max contract. I cant stress the fact that The Knicks NEED Lebron and not the other way around but he will be a global Icon if he chooses the them. But I made a video to show how live the garden gets and there meant to be together. I can see the Fake Knick fans coming out of the wood work acting like they were supportive from the jump. DO me a favor and stay on that side of the fence.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Thumbs Up, Ebert and Roeper

Was good people. I'm getting excited about a couple up and coming projects me and my partner in crime Jamel Styles ( coming up. The first one is a documentary called Greg: Behind the anger. It is about our team lead from our job who is kinda like the grouchy uncle you play tricks on at thanksgiving dinner and is always angry for some reason. Were going to take a in depth look into why he is so mad but as a comedy documentary. Then later on we gonna go around interviewing women and men about a question that has yet to be answered WHAT WOMEN WANT? so look out for those projects. Hopefully somebody see this work finds it funny, picks it up and cut the check. (Below is a preview clip with the man himself)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Standard

Anything you can do i can do better. That is a saying women have found themselves screaming since the 1920's around the time when women got the right to vote. I agree 100% but there somethings women shouldn't do that a man does. I am not trying to sound like sexist or anything like that but when it comes to many sexual partners that's one thing women shouldn't want to do better then a man. I herd Bow Wow talking about it in a interview (yea Bow Wow) and i agreed with him when it comes to that a women's body should be pure that's there temple he also went on to say that men are dogs and that's just how it is, we get dirty and sweaty women shouldn't be like that. I have been saying this for years. A human life comes out of a women and there no reason 15 guys should enter a women's Vagina. In today's society When a guy sleeps with 15 girls he is looked at like a player and gets praised and but if the girl does it she is looked at as easy. Sounds bad but that's how it has been since the beginning of time.Like how when a man talks dirty to a women is sexual harassment and when a women does it its 3.59 a minute. {borrowed that joke) Okay so its not written in stone but its just a law in the men and women double standard book. That i might end up writing lol

Friday, May 07, 2010

Like Marvin Said, Whats going On?

Whats up people i been gone for a little while, been kinda busy trying to master the craft of making and editing good Quality videos and hopefully Moving onto photography and documentaries but that's just a hobby.......For now. But anyway I couldn't help seeing whats been going on in the news and the Internet from the women who called cops because her boyfriend wouldn't marry her to the terrorist who tried to blow up Time Square to Giants fans beloved Hall Of Fame linebacker LT (Lawrence Taylor)being charged with Raping a 15 year old girl. I have to ask my self whats going on in the world today? all these things are crazy situations. Hopefully as a people we can get through all of this because its not looking good.