Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come Home King James

Free agency is approaching and Lebron James is the #1 free agent that every team wants. And why wouldn't they? he is arguably the top player in the world averaging close to a triple double every game. King James has a number of options starting with the Chicago Bulls where he can be paired with some established players and rising superstar Derrick Rose, The New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and the New York Knicks who have enough money to get him and another superstar to help the king get a ring. Or he can stay in his hometown and get a max contract. I cant stress the fact that The Knicks NEED Lebron and not the other way around but he will be a global Icon if he chooses the them. But I made a video to show how live the garden gets and there meant to be together. I can see the Fake Knick fans coming out of the wood work acting like they were supportive from the jump. DO me a favor and stay on that side of the fence.

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