Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Standard

Anything you can do i can do better. That is a saying women have found themselves screaming since the 1920's around the time when women got the right to vote. I agree 100% but there somethings women shouldn't do that a man does. I am not trying to sound like sexist or anything like that but when it comes to many sexual partners that's one thing women shouldn't want to do better then a man. I herd Bow Wow talking about it in a interview (yea Bow Wow) and i agreed with him when it comes to that a women's body should be pure that's there temple he also went on to say that men are dogs and that's just how it is, we get dirty and sweaty women shouldn't be like that. I have been saying this for years. A human life comes out of a women and there no reason 15 guys should enter a women's Vagina. In today's society When a guy sleeps with 15 girls he is looked at like a player and gets praised and but if the girl does it she is looked at as easy. Sounds bad but that's how it has been since the beginning of time.Like how when a man talks dirty to a women is sexual harassment and when a women does it its 3.59 a minute. {borrowed that joke) Okay so its not written in stone but its just a law in the men and women double standard book. That i might end up writing lol

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