Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rick = Great MC

Since Rick Ross has been exposed as being a Corrections officer people have been looking at that instead of the music. Overall Rick Ross is a GREAT MC. I hardly use that word because there are not too many MCs in Hip Hop anymore but Ross is one of a kind. The way he put words together is unmatchable. Beat selection wise he picks beats that compliment his whole persona. He makes ballroom/Night club/ Grown and sexy music to the point it feels like your in a air conditioned Maybach driving around miami yourself. People don't see that though, all they see is a cop. Now unless you know him personally and he lied to you i don't think you should care what his past was, Newsflash most rappers lie or exaggerate at some point and if you think your favorite rapper still flipping ki's like there saying in there raps then your du-rag is to tight. My point is worry about the music because if u actually listen of course he isn't raw like biggie (that's for another post) but you will hear gems like "Vacation to Haiti/ It nearly broke my heart/ Seein kids starve/I thought about my Audemar/ Sellin dope ain't right/I put it in my life/Chickens put me in position to donate the rice". Enough said.


  1. THANK YOU. People look at Ross and see the "lies" and not the great music. Truth is, what lies? Dude never lied to me or mine so why should I care how he made his money? I don't care if he's never even seen a kilo, sold one whatever I'm not about that. Like you said, the way the man puts his words together and his beats are what draws my attention. Any true lover of great hip hop can look past all the blog and tabloid bullshit and appreciate him for what he really is...a great MC.
    Awesome post Grizzy! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs!

  2. Wow that made my night (blushes) thank u for takin the time out and reading it its from the heart ross is def one of the MC ppl need to check for. And your blog is always a must read much love resse :-)