Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BX Smoking Tapes:The Red Room Review

Rapper Game dropped a mixtape yesterday called "The Red Room" something to hold you down before The "Red Album" drops on June 15th. So far its an average mixtape maybe after a couple more listens it will grow on me maybe not, But i know one thing its not a banger. The tape has 20 tracks and most have features from game up and coming artist and already established artist. While the artist like Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Mysonne and Fabolous compliment the mixtape His own artist bring it down because there raps are sub-par. Nothing nobody hasn't herd from a rapper/c.e.o who brings there friend on a track to give them some shine. Thank god he did it on his mixtape and not his album. 400 bars is one of the highlights even though its twenty minutes long Game isnt dissing G-unit to much, its mostly straight bars of him going in. The mixtape version is a mix-up with him flowing pver differnt beats like the original but this one is more sloppy, the original is way better over the jay electronica Exhibit C beat. Fabolou's: There is no competition 2 Mixtape is the mixtape of the year. So until then Fab got the crown.....good luck next time game.

Judgment: 3 out of 5 X's

Best track:400 Bars, Never stop Hustlin

Worst track: I don't Know Because i deleted a few lol

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