Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trust Me.....

Trust is a big issue. I believe if you don't have trust you don't have anything, whether it is a relationship or friendship. But what do you do when your trust is broken and it is difficult to trust people, not saying you walk around in open arms welcoming everybody in because most people you cant trust because that's how it is but there are people you could trust. Trusting somebody and then getting betrayed is like a clean punch to the gut and nobody i don't care how strong you are likes to get punched in the stomach. The result of this is nobody opens up and trust so things can get rocky quick. I'm kinda stuck because me being like this could mess up future relationships, friendships etc. How can somebody get over this? because after you get punched you walk around with your guards up and your most likely gonna punch first before you get hit. Its not just me a lot of people are like this so its basically just one big boxing match of emotions and people walking around with bruised rib cages...*Kanye Shrugs*

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