Friday, April 23, 2010

My Top 10 Rappers Ever

I listen to music every day it is a big part of me. I cant live without it. Its like water i NEED it to survive. My ipod is probably my most prize possession god forbid i got robbed its to the point where the guy would have to show me a gun...Like For real i would take my chances (J/P). But i say that to say this My Top 10 rappers dead or alive list is here, Not counting album sales or how much chains and ice they have, but just raps...

1.Notorious B.I.G - Greatest of all time. Period. Swag. Lyrics. Story telling.

2.Jay-Z - Minus all the Illuminati stuff he could rap and consistent, and his stats cant be touched album after album he kills it.

3.Jada kiss and styles P - I know two people cant come in at #3 but they both tied to me nice in there own way an consistent, and most important they do it cause they love it. Styles is the Hardest Ever (pause) And kiss is overall great never herd wack bars from him.

4.Joe Budden - Underrated. His bars are up to par and his story's put you in a movie. And every male relates when he raps about his girls. Buddens Metophors are on point.

5.Big Pun - Pun Flow is crazy he had swag and he reps the borough I'm from boogie down Bronx. Deadly flow.

6.Kanye West - His bars are up to par and he did it with out rapping about Guns and Bricks and 4 dope albums

7.Fabolous - One of New York's elite fab punchlines is sick. Plus he killed the competition. Mixtape of the year.

8.Nas - One of the Greatest overall Plus he made ether. Nas cant be touched.

9.50 Cent - Fif could write point blank period. I don't care if he cant make another Get rich or Die Trying... Mike never did another Thriller and hes still the king of pop.

10.Cam'Ron - I'm going to be real when it comes to disrespecting hood rats cam got it lock and he stayed the same from day one, And When hes not computer putin Come home with me and Purple Haze was classics.

Honorable Mentions

*2Pac- Another great but i never really got into pac. But he was Deep and a leader (pause)

*Eminem - Em is nice but his last couple joints is suspect. cant sleep on his flow.

*DMX- One of the realist to ever do it, plus dropping two platinum albums in one year is crazy.

*Lil Wayne- He a monster but wasn't always like that plus he cant tell a story or paint a picture with his rhymes. Metophors is on point though

*The Game- Game is a monster too, a classic album, but he not fucking with nobody on that list.

*Beanie Sigel- Another problem in the booth but stuck on gangster rap isn't always a good thing.


  1. Your list is pretty cool as far as music I would listen to, top 10 for me probably not but nonetheless good music. If I had to take ur list and tweek it I would def switch pun and beanie just my thoughts.

    Preciate the comment on the blog

    Be easy

  2. top 10 im feeling, the order is your own so I aint go say too much, I feel u on the Notorious though, thats what got me into rapping.
    you gotta hear that despicable freestyle by em. i wasnt feel relapse so i can agree with you on that...
    check out my other blog for that song

  3. @Mr Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) Good looks for the love (oause)

    @Sasha Yeah I herd the despicable joint its tough and the funny thing is when i herd it i thought of who to replace on my top 10 only if he kept this up his whole album Like the marshall mathers LP