Monday, April 19, 2010

J.Cole Vs Drake...Battle of the beige MC

Light Skin is back in style lol us black brothas had the title for a min but Both Artist get play on my Ipod but obviously Drizzy Drake got the world focused on him right now.Now i dont know if him signing to young money has anything to do with it but believe it or not Drake can rap his ass off so much so Ice cube son rapper "OMG" has bit drakes style. Video Up above^^^ C'mon son! at least let him drop an album first. But J. Cole is on the rise to maybe a little less commercial then drake but with bars like "Life style of the young black and reckless A generation of niggas strapped and askin' questions Like tell me why ain't got shit I let this liquor fill my liver with them toxic" That just screams Nas mixed with Jigga.But when Drake drop jewels like " From the beginning to the end Know I'm into making history not into making friends" its a neck and neck race (pause) only time will tell when they both drop there albums there real legacy begins. P.S just because drake is from a middle class and did a T.V show doesn't mean he cant rap Rap is for everybody so stop hating and get your mind right son! son!

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