Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In My LifeTime Update#1

Was goodie people trying to get back on my blogging so I'm gonna hit y'all with some updates, words of wisdom, and knowledge from me and passed on to me. Okay quick BET awards rundown it was okay, Average, nothing new. I didn't really care for any of the performers accept for Kanye West everybody else was just average. The Chris Brown MJ Tribute was good but the best ever? get back to me on that one and his moon walk was kinda ashy but him crying was to much he should of pulled himself together and finished the song man up Chris, and i never was a prince fan so i couldn't relate but Patti labelle killed it, and for some reason i felt like they didn't give out that much awards but anyway BET step your game up. The NBA season is looking extra crazy this year lets see what happens after 12AM tonight. Hopefully the knicks go into the season with some good players. As for me my spirits have been slowly rising things are looking up i finally got some health insurance and I'm trying to set up a trip for Atlantic City for my birthday never been there before but i Bet its going to be fun lol (no pun intended) .....iight it was lol. Didn't get a tattoo because i didn't know what to get unlike some people who get a whole lot of bullshit done end so tattoo # 10 is going have to wait till i think of somthing wavy.

Side Note* BET show The Game is coming back because of fans watching the re-runs over and over so that's good news but i wish the same thing happened for MY Wife And Kids *Jordan Shrugs*


  1. Lol I only watched the awards for the Prince tribute, and I caught El Debarge showing the youngsters what good music and good performances is really supposed to be about. I Love Prince! Ooh boy stop it, we're gonna have to have a listening session..that man has classics! Lol.
    Um, NBA..let me know what happens lol, I can't keep track, I just want it to be football season already!
    Congrats on the health insurance and the bday trip, hope you get to go! When's your bday?

    OOH tattoo? I wanna go, I wanna go!! lol
    and ditto on My Wife & Kids, love that show!
    *exhale* whew! lmao

  2. lmao Thanks the listening session sounds like a plan. ANd EL Debarge did kill it how can i forget the Last dragon theme song lol. Def going to keep u updated on the NBA. THanks for the bday wishes hopefully everything work out. As for the tatoo i would love the support lol and my wife and kids was classic. THanks for the feedback