Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Post In!!! I Think Im Big Meech!!

Wow i never thought i would of kept up with this blogging thing for this long and look now I'm 30 post deep (31 after this one) but how you like me now Jive? first think i wanna do is thank the few people that do follow my blog and support me and my thoughts it kept me going and moving forward. I'm going to continue giving you food for thought until we hit the big 50! High Life Forever ya diggg! *Side Note* today my little sister asked me who was Big Meech and Larry Hoover...... i was kind of surprised and not surprised but i had to explain Larry Hoover is or was the leader of Chicago's Gangster Disciples Gang and Big Meech is the head of B.M.F (Black Mafia Family) and both are in Prisons for most likely the rest of their lives for drugs and murder. So that just shows all these little kids running around screaming that there Big Meech not even Knowing who he was or what he did. Parents Raise your Kids and drop some knowledge on them.

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